Biotechnology is presented as a multidisciplinary area, based on biology, chemistry and various processes, with applications such us agriculture, pharmacy, medicine, forestry and food science.

This scientific discipline is based on an essential principle: the possibility of creating or manipulating living cells, bacteria or tissues.

Therefore, its scope is practically unlimited, from curing diseases, creating consumer goods or transforming crops.

This industry generally requires a very strong initial investment in work equipment and R&D and its investment horizon is usually high. However, returns tend to be exponential. Investors in this branch of science are well aware of this and often, have extensive knowledge and contacts in the sector.

In AngelConn we value two aspects of capital form in the field of biotechnology.

The solution proposed by the project

A company only makes money if it meets the needs of a sufficient number of people.

Therefore, we will focus on those companies that, applying the most avant-garde techniques provided by science that manage to cover those improvements demanded by the population, using the material resources in its best efficient way.

The team that forms it

It is the essential part. It is usually characterized by its resilience. For instance, a project can stop being viable, but a great team work can overcome it and redirect the efforts to another goal that will lead to success.

It is important to incorporate the greatest possible variety of profiles, including both; great theoreticians and experienced professionals in the practical segment. In this way, synergies are generated by contrasting ideas, and it will enrich the whole team.

From AngelConn we usually propose financing rounds, as objectives are achieved, using the Real Options method, to dilute part of the risk to the shareholder and maintain the focus of the team.