We have always heard that progress is at odds with environmental well-being. However, the data shows that the most prosperous societies use energy more efficiently and are more aware of respecting the environment.

Everyone takes better care of what belongs to them rather than to an abstract collective. Therefore, the assignment of property rights is an incentive for the conservation of what should be an inhabitable ecosystem i.e. forest, as a counterpart, the penalization of negative externalities on the property of another, a dissuasive element.

Another mantra repeated ad nauseam is that “physical resources are limited”, but these elements have no intrinsic value. It is the human being who confers a certain utility to them.

We must think of economic resources, which are infinite, since they only depend on entrepreneurial creativity, innate to human beings.

AngelConn focuses on those innovative processes that improve energy efficiency.

We will take into consideration those companies that achieve circular economies, reducing the production of waste, making profitable the by-products and generating a loop of efficiency and respect for the environment.

The energy sector is extremely regulated in many countries, which promotes oligopolies generated by the States. Consequently, due to the absence of free competition, the quality and price of energy suffers, and the final consumer suffers the consequences.

High taxes are also a crucial factor in companies whose main costs are energy costs, and therefore this variable will be taken into account before investment decisions are made.

We will not discriminate against energy sources a priori, as we treat each project individually and according to each context; therefore, we will remain alert to any of its variants:

Energies: photovoltaic, wind, hydroelectric, biomass, biogas, tidal, geothermal, mini-wind, thermoelectric, hydrogen, ocean thermal conversion (OTEC), nuclear, oil, kinetic, etc.