An industrial company must consider a whole mix of elements coordinated in an ideal way to present the best result.

In this sector, our approach is based on the following factors:

Degree of innovation

We sometimes limit the scope of innovation to completely new products, whose rewards in the event of market acceptance can be exponential, but the risks of not matching the demands of potential customers are high and R&D costs are not always rewarded appropriately.

Therefore, we should include within innovation those products that incorporate improvements or new functionalities to those it already has, thinking expressly of the final customer, whether it be B2C or B2B, reducing uncertainty and reducing research and development costs.


Through the contribution of capital in the form of machinery or through the specialization derived from the division of labor that generates Know-How, companies must create a certain degree of automation in production to improve quality standards and cost reduction, to improve customer satisfaction and operating margins.

Configuration of the process organization

The entrepreneur is the one who discovers a need in the market and covers it with the best possible combination of productive factors.

But without the pre-existence of a work culture, respect for rules, punctuality, etc. in society and the appropriate motivation of the members of the institution, plans will not bear fruit in the most convenient way.

The vision of the employer must be aligned as much as possible with the interest of the workers.

Corporate values

Cada empresa es única e irrepetible; así que no existe no existe una combinación óptima de su estructura.

La jerarquía se suele establecer de manera vertical, desde arriba hacia abajo u horizontal, donde existe una retroalimentación de cada parte implicada.

Desde AngelConn proponemos una vía innovadora que favorece la implicación del personal, la toma de responsabilidades, un ciclo de mejora continua, la aparición de nuevas ideas y el control de errores.

Mediante una organización anárquica, se descentraliza el mando en módulos más pequeños, con autonomía propia en la toma de decisiones, responsabilidad frente a fracasos y premios ante los éxitos.

Competitive advantage

An optimal combination of brand image, pricing flexibility and market share is what sets the company apart from the competition and what gives it its “moat”..

Added value

Differentiation in the perception of the product by consumers will be crucial. This subjective value can come from different factors: quality, price, after-sales service, status, credibility, etc.