Inexplicably, and despite its obvious failure, the neo-classical-Keynesian trend continues to emerge as an economic paradigm in our times.

Our methodology of analysis for each project, framed in its context, will be the Austrian optics, in order to converge, as far as possible, with the reality that surrounds us.

Austrian economic theory is based on a transcendental methodological principle: individual human action.

From this axiom two complementary visions derive. On the one hand, the perceptible evidence of the outside world and, on the other, the relation cause-effect emanating from the human action. That is, the what and the why of every event.

The hegemonic current of economic thought sticks to the observable fact, undertaking the study of human phenomena from the prism of the exact science, in a tireless search of accuracy, trying to delimit reality in preconceived models.

However, the Austrian doctrine goes one step further, explaining events through the influence of human action that induces them, knowing that each subject has his own perception of ends and means and the scale of value that weighs them.

Macroeconomic aggregates ignore the uniqueness of each member and, consequently, infer inconsistent statistical results, just like mathematics, presupposing a fictitious equilibrium.

As a result, the importance of interpretation becomes clear, so that the numbers become meaningful.

The Austrian tradition aspires to make the world intelligible in terms of human action, conscious, oriented to the achievement of certain individual ends and open to the possibility of unexpected results when we are faced with social interaction.

In this way, we conquer a wider vision of reality, without incurring in the fatal arrogance of issuing exact quantitative judgments but raising multiple qualitative scenarios.

And, by implementing logical-deductive reasoning, inspired by the fundamental axioms drawn from reality, we will try to present the best solutions to each issue. These axioms are specified in the adjacent list:

In order to clarify the viability of the conclusions as much as possible, the analysis will be reinforced by means of a holistic, multidisciplinary approach, based on the theory of the three levels, covering the scientific-technical, historical-evolutionary and, finally, the ethical point of view.

La creatividad empresarial es el motor del progreso

AngelConn will promote entrepreneurial creativity and private financing, convinced that the free market is not only the fairest but also the most successful way.

We will be the forerunners of a paradigm shift in project assessment, adding a praxeological dimension that transcends the current rigid vision.

We work with entrepreneurs who, making use of their great ingenuity and perseverance, discover opportunities and exploit them, pushing forward society’s progress