A person is measured by their deeds and their achievements, not their words.

It is well known that no one is born learned, nor with the same capacity, but it is in the hands of each one to grow day by day to reach fulfillment.

Performing a task alone, we might reach our destination sooner; but surrounded by people, we are enriched in the process, we debate, improve and we go further.

Life is a continuous search, a constant change, where there are no absolute truths. The education acquired and the environment shape our perspective, establishing ideas that, when assimilated, become rooted as principles.

In other words, to define oneself, one must resort to the experiences that have taken place and the way in which one faces each situation. We get dealt a set of cards, but how we play the game depends on each one of us.

Every entrepreneur is characterized by being a restless and enterprising person, who has always felt the need to experiment on his own, thus learning from his own mistakes.

We should never regret our mistakes, as decisions are made by evaluating the information available at any given time. Therefore, once the consequences are known, it is unproductive to regret past events.

We must always maintain an attitude of moving forward, looking sideways to establish the context and only taking steps backwards to gain momentum.

There are those who give up and those who get up after falling, looking for the positive side of things. It’s called character.

La creatividad empresarial es el motor del progreso

AngelConn will promote entrepreneurial creativity and private financing, convinced that the free market is not only the fairest but also the most successful way.

We will be the forerunners of a paradigm shift in project assessment, adding a praxeological dimension that transcends the current rigid vision.

We work with entrepreneurs who, making use of their great ingenuity and perseverance, discover opportunities and exploit them, pushing forward society’s progress