The main factor in the technological boom is the access and dissemination of information provided by the Internet. But it is not the only one.

Once people’s basic subsistence needs have been met, due to productivity and the cheapening of goods provided by the market, attention has shifted to the consumption of technological products and services.

In parallel, the runaway population growth of the last two centuries has provided more thinking heads, increasing entrepreneurial creativity.

History has shown us how the services provided or regulated by the States tend to increase their price. However, the goods and services offered by the market do not stop getting cheaper. Technology is no exception.

Advances in technology improve our quality of life and facilitate the automation of business processes.

AngelConn advocates the idea of extensive access by reducing prices, so that more sectors of the population can access the advantages offered by technology.

Therefore, we will look at those companies whose vision follows the same line.

The diversity of possible approaches, stages of the company, time horizon of the investment and goals of those involved in the operation, open a range of possibilities when it comes to establishing the best possible criteria with the information available at any given time.

Governments and local authorities continually provide subsidies for innovative projects in accordance with their criteria. In other words, they set a political objective and, by diminishing the profits of the successful companies via taxes, they transfer capital to start-ups that are in line with their interests.

Also, many private investors are blinded by the siren song of the latent potential of certain avant-garde branches of activity and, against their wishes, the capital allocated to such businesses is usually greater than the real profitability that will be obtained.

AngelConn will only take into consideration, to evaluate and sell, those projects whose focus is on satisfying the needs of the final client.

The fields that call our attention are the following:

Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Blockchain, Drones, Internet of Things (IoT), Robotics, 3D Printing, Autonomous Vehicles, Gaming, Domotics, Digital Payments, Big Data, etc.